Other Detox Organs: The Magic of Detox

There are numerous other detox organs that prevent our bodies from becoming toxic, inflamed and overwhelmed by chemicals and pollutants to the point where our bodies are the ideal environment for disease to manifest. These include the brain, the lungs, the skin, the lymphatic system, the colon, the gallbladder, and the appendix.  The Brain TheContinue reading “Other Detox Organs: The Magic of Detox”

Menstrual cycle: high fruit low fat plant-based vegan diet

It is necessary, as a vegan, to eat enough with sufficient quantities of macronutrients and micronutrients for healthy and regular menstruation. This, especially, includes iron for blood loss, replacement of hemoglobin, and magnesium to combat PMS and the luteal phase. There is a link that has been made between amenorrhea and being underweight due toContinue reading “Menstrual cycle: high fruit low fat plant-based vegan diet”

The Process of Detoxification: The Kidneys

The kidneys, like the liver, is required for the removal of toxins from the body before cellular processes become out of sync. Whereas the liver can transform toxins to become less harmful, the kidneys can only extract them for elimination, but it is still a vital organ that directs toxins directly down the elimination pathways.Continue reading “The Process of Detoxification: The Kidneys”

The Process of Detoxification: The Liver

Toxins are inevitable in the environment, but the consumption and usage of toxic products and processed food can increase the toxicity in our body even more over time. Toxins can impact the body, mind, and inner happiness which can lead to pain, disease, and health disorders. Toxins affect cellular respiration and cause acidity in theContinue reading “The Process of Detoxification: The Liver”

Toxicity: A Reason To Detox

“I had also found it the ‘Master Key’ to mental and spiritual unfoldment and evolution…My experience, tests, and experiments as well as cures, all showed that grape sugar of fruits was the essential material of human food, giving the highest efficiency and endurance, and at the same time was the best eliminator of debris andContinue reading “Toxicity: A Reason To Detox”

Should oil be avoided for optimal health?

Oil has been encouraged as a healthy part of the diet by mainstream nutritional advice and guidance. However, there is an unavoidable, undeniable inkling that oil is not the ‘health food’ that it is often made out to be. The highly processed, refined, manufactured, unnatural oil consumed nowadays is mostly devoid of nutritional value andContinue reading “Should oil be avoided for optimal health?”

Potatoes: an ideal staple?

Potatoes are a wholesome, nutritious food choice that gradually seems to be becoming less popular and more stigmatised due to assumptions that potatoes cause weight gain. However, if you have assumed that potatoes cause weight gain, it is probably due to two types of foods that derive from potatoes, namely chips and crisps. “According toContinue reading “Potatoes: an ideal staple?”

Why do I choose local greengrocers over supermarkets?

“People who own the world outright for profit will have to be stopped by influence, by power, by us.” (Wendall Berry) (1) Supermarkets yield way too much power! Instead, smaller local stores and markets may be more ethical, more eco-friendly, and a healthier alternative!    The first reason for shopping at local greengrocers or farmer’sContinue reading “Why do I choose local greengrocers over supermarkets?”

Or Tor Kor Organic Market: joyfulness in the most indulgent fruit

Or Tor Kor Market is a top-notch organic market in Bangkok. In fact, “Or Tor Kor Market in Bangkok was voted as the 4th Best Fresh Market in the world by CNN Travel” (1). The market is ideal for vegans due to the wide-ranging sale of fresh fruit and vegetables. Most of the fruit wasContinue reading “Or Tor Kor Organic Market: joyfulness in the most indulgent fruit”