Peace and veganism in the Golden Age

At the start of the Golden Age, humanity was rather peaceful and primitive, 

Houses, castles, churches, walls, and bridges were yet to be built, 

Musical instrument makers and metal workers were not in business, 

There were not any wars and the universe was unornamented with human creation. 

No walls were yet; nor fence, nor mote, nor mound,

Nor drum was heard, nor trumpet’s angry sound:

Nor swords were forg’d; but void of care and crime,

The soft creation slept away their time.

The teeming Earth, yet guiltless of the plough,

And unprovok’d, did fruitful stores allow:

Content with food, which Nature freely bred,

On wildings and on strawberries they fed;

Cornels and bramble-berries gave the rest,

And falling acorns furnish’d out a feast.

(1) (Metamorphoses by Ovid)

As they are eating from nature in this style, it seems to be a plant-based fruitarian diet!

Living in nature in a primitive style with few tools is the easiest and most efficient way to eat.

It is the most harmonious way to live with nature, as there is no loss of lives (plant or animal).

Agriculture can involve changing the land and cutting down god’s natural plants and trees, unless permaculture practices are used.

Permaculture involves gardening to support and develop the local ecosystems. 

This simplicity and minimalism is only of Ovid’s first age (the Golden Age)! 

(1) 2022. Metamorphoses, by Ovid – Book 1. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 14 August 2022].

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I am a spiritual vegan on a plant-based journey!

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