The human-nature relationship

Aetherial energy flows from nature into the etheric body allowing energy to flow through the physical body. The energy that has always existed in nature supports human’s in all of their endeavors and heals their energy continuously. 

“The God of Nature did his soul inspire,

Or Earth, but new divided from the sky,

And, pliant, still retain’d th’ aetherial energy:

Which wise Prometheus temper’d into paste,

And, mixt with living streams, the godlike image cast”

(1) (Metamorphoses by Ovid)

The aetherial energy is yielding to the human hands enabling humans to perform energy healing on each other like Reiki. Humans can yield this ability for the power of good to heal each other and remain connected with nature. 

The saddest element of a monetary world is hunger and lack. Many are starving around the world all the time, whilst ultimately human beings inherited nature and all of its products through divine creation.  

“Thus, while the mute creation downward bend

Their sight, and to their earthly mother tend,

Man looks aloft; and with erected eyes

Beholds his own hereditary skies.”

(1) (Metamorphoses by Ovid)

The earthly mother cared for all beings and provided delicious sustenance for human’s fruitarian nature. The fruit was not supposed to be sprayed with preservatives and left in stock houses for months on end until half of it is thrown away due to passing its shelf life. 

The four elements are inherently the components of nature and these elements link to emotional, mental, and physical health. On the physical plane, earth represents instincts, grounding, and foundation, water represents emotion, intuition, and going with the flow, air represents intellect, mental intention, and connection to the life force, and fire represents willpower, inner strength, and transformation (2). Healing these spiritual and mental abilities can improve an individual’s physical life experience. Human emotions can combine with the elements to have a butterfly effect across the universe. Empedocles, the Greek philosopher, felt that the four elements were unified by loving emotions and divided by hateful emotions (3). The power of human emotion can have a great impact, as hate leads to war and love leads to happy and connected families and communities.  

Pluralism is a component of natural philosophy that links to religion and the elements of the physical world. In terms of historical religion, the scientific school differed from the natural philosophers in the belief that heaven and earth are separate rather than pluralistic (3). The question of whether heaven can be viewed as manifesting in the earth plane or not has remained debatable. The natural philosophy view makes more sense, as the universe is pluralistic. Association (philia) and separation (neikos) of the elements is at the root of the physical universe (4), as the wind moves water, water particles separate and combine with air into clouds, and trees grow in a relationship with the carbon dioxide in the air. 

Further evidence of humanity’s inherent connection with nature includes the benefits of earthing, diurnal body rhythms, and biophilia (the natural esthetic preference for nature). Earthing simply means walking barefoot on the earth and feeling the electrical currents that are very healing. Benefits include reducing inflammation, reducing stress hormones, sleeping better, increased energy, and lower pain (5). Better physical and mental health results from a better connection with nature. Earthing and sunlight may improve numerous bodily energies including circadian, diurnal, and neurological body rhythms (6, 7, 8, 9). Through this, earthing can help sleep and mental health. Biophilia may be another mental and emotional connection that makes nature so healing. Biophilia is an esthetic preference for the natural. The esthetic preference for nature and natural forms is present from childhood (6, 10, 11). Children often prefer fruit over breadsticks, grass over concrete, and pebbles and shells over lego.   

In conclusion, aetherial energy, the four elements, and electrical currents beneath the ground are all healing energies of the universe. Natural philosophy and the belief in the importance of nature to spirituality may be doctrines that should be valued much for their truth and reality. 


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