Toxicity: A Reason To Detox

“I had also found it the ‘Master Key’ to mental and spiritual unfoldment and evolution…My experience, tests, and experiments as well as cures, all showed that grape sugar of fruits was the essential material of human food, giving the highest efficiency and endurance, and at the same time was the best eliminator of debris and the most efficient healing agent known for the human body.”

(Prof Arnold Ehret 1922)

The body has a delicate chemical balance that involves trace minerals and vitamins sourced from natural food. When we eat processed food, use toxic products on our skin, and get vaccines, then the heavy metals and other toxic chemicals disrupt the body’s natural balance. Heavy metal toxicity leads to deterioration of biochemical cellular function and has a detrimental effect on the immune system (2). The natural chemical balance of the body is deeply entwined with cellular processes and immune function. Additionally, 

“…heavy metals (can) act as molecular “mimics” of nutritionally essential trace elements; depleting the body from cofactors essential to cellular regeneration.” (2)

Cofactors for cellular regeneration are found in natural foods from mother earth (fruits and vegetables) along with antioxidants that protect cells rather than toxic products that disrupt the balance.

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Two examples of toxic heavy metals are aluminum and lead which can have detrimental long and short-term effects. These metals can be found in processed food, cosmetics, vaccines, containers, and pharmaceuticals. Both have been linked with disorders that affect the brain including Autism and Alzheimer’s. The evidence is convincing that lead is causally linked to Autism disorder, as it has been found that Autism sufferers have significantly more lead in their body (75%) and lead lowers IQ according to lead researcher Professor James Adams (4). Lead evidently has detrimental effects on brain functions that can have long-lasting detrimental effects. Lead is also linked to Alzheimer’s. “Researchers believe that people who have worked in jobs with high levels of lead exposure are up to 3.4 times more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease” (9). This is another detrimental effect on the brain. Similar results have been found linking aluminum and Autism.

 “the fact that we found aluminium in every sample of brain tissue, frozen or fixed, does suggest very strongly that individuals with a diagnosis of ASD have extraordinarily high levels of aluminium in their brain tissue” 


This suggests that aluminum has a high correlation with Autism. Aluminum negatively affects the immune system and nervous system. 

  “As a nerve poison and excitotoxin, aluminium damages nerves and causes inflammation. Aluminium adjuvants in vaccines have been shown to persist in the body, be transported in lymph and accumulate in immune cells.”


So, aluminum has many detrimental effects on bodily processes which can accumulate into brain disease in old age. 

“in 1973, brain tissue collected from deceased persons known to have AD were found to have high aluminum levels.”


Therefore, aluminum and lead are both likely correlated with Autism and Alzheimer’s. 

Vaccines also house incredibly toxic ingredients that have many detrimental effects on health and wellbeing. The toxic ingredients may include thimerosal which affects coordination, cognition, and mood, aluminium which affects the brain long-term, antibiotics which affect gut bacteria, carcinogenic formaldehyde, MSG affects the heart and neuron receptors, squalene which is linked to arthritis, gelatin and egg which are non-vegan, polysorbate 80 linked to many types of cancer, and aborted human fetal tissue which may be linked to Autism and I believe may lead to an auto-immune response (6). Thus, there are many awful ingredients in vaccines that have many very detrimental health effects. 

Toxic chemicals in processed food:

  • Polysorbate 60 (found in cream, desserts, pickles, twinkies) – carcinogenic 
  • Palm oil – raises bad cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Shortening/hydrogenated oil – clogged arteries and metabolic issues 
  • Artificial colours – many cancers 
  • Sodium nitrates and nitrites (processed meat) – colon cancer and metabolic syndrome
  • Sodium benzoate and potassium benzoate (soda) – carcinogen and thyroid damage
  • Artificial Sweeteners – aspartame, saccharin, and sucralose – affect metabolic systems 
  • High fructose corn syrup – (refined grains) – triglycerides, fat-boosting hormones

Toxic chemicals in cosmetics: 

  • Parabens – disrupt hormones and carcinogenic 
  • BHA – cancer-causing and endocrine disruptor 
  • Mineral oil (gasoline from crude oil) – carcinogen/cancer
  • Talc – carcinogenic 
  • Alcohol 
  • Titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, iron oxide – propylene glycol, mineral oil, harmful chemicals 
  •  Sunscreen – harmful chemicals 
  • Parabens – linked to cancer
  • Polyethylene glycols – nervous system 
  • Quaternium-15 – carcinogen 
  • Butylated Compounds (butter, cereal, meat, beer) – carcinogenic 
  • Lead – affects IQ, attention span, reduced fertility, kidney damage, high blood pressure
  • Phthalates – cancer and endocrine-disrupting hormones 

(7) (3)

In conclusion, there are many toxic ingredients in food and products of which consumers are unaware. With more knowledge, there would be more power to prevent poisoning, detox our bodies, and protect ourselves. Following this, I will post more about the wonders of detoxification.


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